Paint It Black: 5 Ways That Nygra Coatings Can Offer You the Best Cool Paint on the Market

Get Cool Without the Cost

We all know the terrible feeling of stepping into a car that’s been sitting out for hours in the hot, summer sun. Sweltering heat, burning seats, and no cool air to breathe. Can you imagine having to work in an office, every hot day, only to find you can’t escape the heat? Unfortunately, this problem is more of a reality than a nightmare. Adele Peters at Fast Company states that, “cities that were relatively cool in the past are beginning to grapple with buildings that weren’t built for heat.”

Fast Company also points out that a number of cities have suffered from the urban heat island effect, which is described as “hot temperatures [getting] even hotter as pavement and buildings soak up and release radiation from the sun.” Beyond discomfort, heat islands can result in heat stroke, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

Nygra Coatings offer a revolutionary cool paint technology that works with everything under the sun. We keep your roofs cool, and in turn keep you cool. And we provide the most effective product on the market. If you don’t want to repeat the consequences of this summer’s heat wave, our coatings are a great way to prepare your building for next June.


What can Nygra do for you?

Reduce your costs across a spectrum

Nygra Coatings reduce costs in a variety of fields; HVAC, Operational, Labor, and Maintenance. Our technology is comprised of a paint that reflects the sun’s infrared rays off of a variety of surfaces and materials. The paint lowers roof temperatures by up to 40-45% reducing peak cooling demand by 10-15 degrees. With these reductions, Nygra Coatings offer best in class reflectance for improved rates in energy efficiency and lowering HVAC costs.

In addition, our coatings are extremely long-lasting with a just a single coat. This minimizes all operational and labor costs, while other paints on the market require a higher number of additional coats in order to match our performance. Nygra also cuts down on maintenance costs by offering a paint does not crack or deteriorate under harsh weather conditions.


Provide customized colors without compromising reflective properties

Do you know of any cool paint company that offers a high-performing black in their color palette? Not only do we offer black, but Nygra’s black coating delivers a Solar Reflectance Index value of 29; this score is higher than all other black cool paints on the market today. By using an advanced polymer system, Nygra Coatings are available in a wide scope of colors that are are ENERGY STAR approved by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Offer multiple methods of application

Nygra Coatings can be applied by either rolling or spraying the product. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable experience for paint application, while most cool coatings involve a messy and time-consuming application of a thick and heavy paint that is applied with a broom.


Ensure your coating is long-lasting

One pass of Nygra Coatings lasts for 20 years. Our paints are composed of a two-part polyurethane, meaning the technology is designed to withstand the sun and other weather conditions. Many cool paints offered today are made of acrylic or silicone, and are prone to becoming brittle and cracking under the hot sun. As a result, they lose 20-30% of their reflective properties within the first few months of their application. Nygra Coatings maximizes your energy savings with unparalleled durability.


Maintenance and graffiti free components  

Nygra Coatings are guaranteed to last through extreme weather conditions. The paint resists the effects of dirt, chemicals, and solvents; the surface allows any dirt to wash off naturally in the rain. As mentioned above, acrylic and silicone coatings do not share these qualities and often crack and collect dirt. Nygra minimizes your regular maintenance and reapplication costs while maintaining a high level of energy savings. Additionally, even graffiti can be easily removed with a quick spray.



Nygra Coatings offer you the highest value of a cool paint that is incredibly long-lasting, the most energy-efficient, and customized to your style and preference. Gone are the days where you have to choose between being comfortable or being cautious with your spending; with Nygra, you can get both.

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