Keeping Cool: Rooftop Coating Achieves Top Rating for Reflective Abilities

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Article

Keeping a cool head can be important in many situations. However, it can be hard to keep your temper and temperature in check if your office, home or place of business is under direct sunlight. Buildings that don’t have regular cover from the sun may experience overpowered air conditioning units. A preventative measure may be rooftop coatings to help mitigate the transfer of heat through roofing materials.

Nygra Coatings manufactures just such roof coatings. The company’s pioneer heat-reflecting paint Nygra Flex White Coating was recently recently received a solar reflectance index rating of 109 by the Cool Roof Rating Council’s Product Rating Program, which is among the top ratings in the industry, Nygra says.

“This rating of our new formulation ranks Nygra’s white cool coating among the best of class,” says Sean O’Brien, senior vice president of Nygra Coatings. “While hot climates are particularly impacted by building heat, it is a critical issue everywhere, leading to increased air conditioning costs. Our paints dramatically reduce building temperatures and the need for air conditioning while lowering the overall environmental impact.”

Nygra Coatings also offers heat-reflecting paint in black, which allows it to be used in areas where glare from reflective coatings is regulated. Both white and black coatings are available in Rigid and Flex formulations, allowing them to be applied to different roof surfaces.

“Traditional black roofs significantly increase building temperatures,” O’Brien says. “Unlike traditional bright white solutions on the market, our product does not reflect damaging heat onto neighboring buildings. Because they don’t produce glare—a significant problem around airports— Nygra’s black coatings provide a solution for those locations where white coatings are not an option.”

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