How it Works

Facility, equipment, and asset managers today face major challenges when it comes to the high cost of energy — especially as it relates to heating and cooling. With energy-sucking HVAC systems accounting for more than half of all operating costs, these owners and managers are searching for cost-savings solutions that are efficient and effective. Nygra Coatings offers an innovative and durable coating product with unparalleled heat reduction performance that reduces temperatures and lower energy usage across the board.

Dramatic Energy Savings

Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings reflect the sun’s infrared rays off roofs and other surfaces, reducing building heat by up to 40%. When the sun hits a roof, much of that heat is absorbed by the roof and transferred to the building below, increasing internal temperatures and driving up cooling costs.  In addition to heating your building, hot roofs contribute to creating urban heat islands that negatively impact human health.

The good news is that a cool coating is one of the simplest and most cost-effective upgrades you can make to improve energy efficiency and Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings offer best in class reflectance.

Multiple Color Options - Even Black

‘Although white paints and coatings have excellent reflective properties, in some cases, a white roof or surface may simply be undesirable, whether it be for aesthetic reasons or due to municipal code.  A high concentration of white roofs can cause glare, negatively impacting neighbors or aircraft flying overhead.

Nygra has cracked the code for a reflective black coating.  By using an advanced polymer system, Nygra is able to offer a revolutionary black cool coating.  In fact, Nygra’s Eclipse Black coatings delivers an SRI value of 29, which beats all other black cool paints on the market today.

Unsurpassed Durability

Most cool paints in the market today are made of acrylic, silicone, or in some cases polyurethane.  In the hot sun, these paints become brittle and crack very quickly.  In fact, acrylic paints can lose 20-30% of their reflective properties in the first three months due to cracking.  This means the surface must be repainted regularly with multiple coats or promised energy efficiency benefits will not be met.

Through years of development and testing, Nygra has developed a breakthrough, patented advanced polymer system. This system provides the most durable cool coating in the market today and is guaranteed to last for 20 years


Easy to Apply

Most cool coatings involve a messy and time-consuming application of thick heavy paint, applied with a broom.  They require more than one application to be effective. These paints add weight to your roof and more labor and material costs to your installation.

Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings are easy and painless to apply because they require just one incredibly thin 2mil spray-coated layer.

Maintenance and Graffiti Free

Most acrylic and silicone based coatings crack and collect dirt, requiring regular maintenance and re-application to repair and keep the surface clean in order to achieve the promised energy savings.

Our coatings are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and to resist dirt, chemicals and other debris. Our special surface ensures that dirt washes off naturally in the rain.  Even graffiti can be easily removed with a quick spray.