Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Nygra Cool Roof eligible for LEED Credits?

Yes, buildings that install cool roofs may be eligible for LEED credits.  Please visit for specific information

On what materials can Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings be used?

Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings can be used on all surfaces. Our Rigid coatings are formulated for use on hard surfaces, such as metal or asphalt, while our Flexible coatings are designed for use on flexible surfaces such as rubber, TPO or TPU. 

Can Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings be used on surfaces other than roofs?

Absolutely. Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings can be used on many different surfaces including pavement, warehouses, storage facilities, towers and turbines, residential communities and land, air and sea vehicles. Learn more here.

Can any white paint be used as a cool roof?

White paint has natural reflective properties, so buildings and other types of facilities can achieve heat reduction using standard white acrylic paints. However, many of these paints crack within months under extreme heat conditions which decreases their effectiveness, lifespan and reduces your ROI.  In addition, standard acrylic white paints easily collect dirt which also reduces effectiveness and increases maintenance costs. When selecting a cool “paint” it is important to choose a coating with both high durability that resists cracking and low surface tension that allows it to be washed easily by rain.

How does a black cool coating reflect the sun?

Typically, the color black absorbs the sun. However, Nygra has developed a revolutionary advanced polymer formulation that enables even dark colored coatings to reflect the sun.  Nygra Black has the highest CCRC rating of any black cool coating on the market today.

How many coats are needed?

Nygra Coatings requires just one thin 2mil coat, which is 80% thinner than other cool paint applications.

How are Nygra Coatings applied?

Our coatings are applied using either a standard spray gravity feed or roller and require just one thin 2mil coat.

How long do Nygra Cool Coatings last?

Nygra Arctic Cool Coatings will last for 20 years or more.