Unlimited Applications

Nygra Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface, in any color–roofs, walls, shingles, structures, vehicles, and more. You can create custom color schemes to match your branding, or just paint over existing colors with a darker one.

Commercial Facilities

Office building, shopping centers, strip malls, medical buildings, hotels–all face the challenge of high energy costs.  In fact, energy experts attribute 50-60% of energy costs to a building’s HVAC system. The good news is that a cool roof is one of the simplest and most cost-effective upgrades commercial facilities can make to improve energy efficiency.

Residential Communities

Whether on a mission to combat the heat island effect in cities, enhance LEED certification, or simply make residents more comfortable, Nygra Coatings repels the sun’s IR radiation away from roofs and keep the internal temperature of a variety of structures cooler…for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.


The military can maximize the value of energy resources and minimize risks, by reducing inside temperatures of structures and vehicles as well as outside surface temperatures. Buildings and shelters can be kept cool without air conditioning.  Fuel trucks can be kept cool, while also maintaining camouflage colors.


Nationwide, many municipalities cannot afford to install and operate air conditioning in their schools, making students, staff, and faculty both uncomfortable and less productive. Our cool coating provides a cost-effective alternative that reduces the need for air conditioning and creates an optimal learning environment.


Oppressive heat drains the life out of both workers and their equipment. Nygra Cool Coatings can be applied to exterior surfaces of fleet trucks, cargo ships, trains, and heavy equipment to reflect the scalding IR rays from the sun and reduce internal temperatures–keeping contents and personnel safe from the degrading effects of the heat and extending the life of valuable assets.

Warehousing and Storage

Water towers. Self-storage facilities. Low profile warehouses. Grain silos. Fuel tank farms. Shipping containers. The list of the facilities that can directly benefit from cooler internal temperatures is seemingly endless.  In addition to keeping contents safe and cool, you can keep your facility looking in top form by coating your facility in any color to match your brand. And best of all, our coatings are maintenance and graffiti free.